Sell Your Chametz

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Since it is prohibited to possess chometz on Pesach, any chometz left not disposed must be sold to a non-Jew.
Any chometz remaining in the possession of a Jew during Pesach may not be used, eaten, bought, or sold even after Pesach.
Therefore, all chometz that will not be eaten or burned before Pesach and all chometz utensils that will not be thoroughly cleaned by then should be stored away.
The storage area should be locked or taped shut to be leased to the non-Jew at the time of the chometz sale. Since there are many legal intricacies in this sale, only a competent rabbi should be entrusted with its execution.
The rabbi acts as our agent both to sell the chometz to the non-Jew on the morning before Pesach starts and also to buy it back the evening after Pesach ends.




In preparation for Pesach, it is age-old Jewish tradition to contribute towards funds that ensure that who is in need has the necessary provisions for the holiday—Food, Shmura Matzah, Wine, festive clothing—Ma’ot Chitim.

Bris Avrohom will be making sure that hundreds will have all that they need for this upcoming Holiday.

Please be so kind and help us help others by clicking here.

Public Menora Lightings

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High Holiday Seats

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Dear Congregants,


In order to be assured the seat of your choice, we are accepting reservations for the High Holidays. These seats can be reserved for a nominal contribution of $100.00 per seat for adults and $60.00 per seat for children. 

To order your seat online please go to our donate page and put in notes seats

 If you do not want to reserve a specific seat, you are still welcome to join us. There will be ample seating for all services.


If you will not be in Shul for Rosh Hashana, Please keep in mind that our shul survives on contributions only.   Your support will give our shul the ability to serve you and the community for another year.


Wishing you and your loved ones

A happy, healthy and sweet new year!

High Holidays Schedule

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High Holiday Schedule 5778


High Holiday Schedule



Motzei Shabbos, September 16

1:00 am

Mon. Tue & Wed September


Rosh Hashana


Wednesday, September 20

Mincha 6:55 PM Followed by Ma’ariv


Thursday & Friday September 21 & 22

Shachris 9:00 am

Shofar Blowing 10:30 am


Mincha on Thursday is Following Shachris

Mincha on Friday is 6:50 pm


Yom Kippur


Friday, September 29

Kol Nidrei 6:30 pm


Shabbos, September 30

Shacharis 9:00 am

Yizkor 10:30 am

Mincha 5:00 pm

Neila 6:30 pm

Fast ends at 7:21 pm

Followed by Break your fast refreshments




Wednesday, October 4

Mincha 6:30 pm Followed by Ma’ariv

Thursday & Friday October 5&6

Shacharis 9:30 am

Mincha Followed by Ma’ariv 6:30 pm


Chol Hamoed

Sunday- Wednesday October 8-11

Shacharis 8:00 am

Our custom is not to put on Tefillin during Chol Hamoed

Mincha 6:25 Followed by Ma’ariv


Hoshana Raba

Wednesday, October 11

Tehillim 1:00 am Followed by apples & honey in the Sukkah


Shmini Atzeres & Simchas Torah

Wednesday, October 11

Mincha 6:20 PM Followed by Ma’ariv,

Buffet Dinner & Hakafos



Thursday, October 12

Shacharis 9:30 am

Yizkor 11:30 am

Mincha 6:20 pm Followed by Ma’ariv, Dinner & Hakofos


Friday, October 13

Shacharis 9:30 am

Followed by Buffet Kiddush Hakafos & Torah reading 


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