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Simcha Hall Policies at Cong. Shomrei Torah Ohel Yosef Yitzchak


Mazel Tov on your Simcha we are happy that you would like to share your Simcha with the Community in our Shul


Please read the following rules and policies in order for us to continue with renting the hall in the smoothest manner for many years to come.



Shabbos Kiddush



Weekday Simcha



Paper Goods:


The Shul will not supply any paper goods from tablecloths to napkins…


Wine & Liquors:


1. The Shul does not supply wine or liquor; please make sure to bring enough wine for a Kiddush, at least 6bottles of wine and of course Vodka & Whiskey for L’chaim.


2. Kosher- All wines MUST BE MEVUSHAL


Vodka WITHOUT FLAVOR doesn’t need hechsher, if flavored should have either OU, or KSA.


Whiskey & Bourbon please check CRC website



Tables and chairs set up must be done by your Caterer


Catered Food:

Bris Avrohom approves Glatt Star Caterer


No Home made food is allowed.



The Shul kitchen is Fleishig.  If you would like to have a dairy menu please ask your caterer to consult a Bris Avrohom rabbi





Shabbos Kids Groups

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Group 1 Ages 2-5:

10:00 - 11:30 • Group Leader Nikki Goldberg watches the kids in a room designated for the children with toys books & manipulatives for their ages. Nosh & Drinks are available for the children as well.

Group 2 Ages 6-12:

During the Rabbi's Speach: Youth Director Rabbi Avremy Kanelsky takes the children for Parsha & Story, where the children also enjoy Nosh & Drinks.

Sponsorship is available for these great groups which allow you the parents to come to Shul and Daven.  The groups cost the Shul $50 per Shabbos.  If you would like to sponsor a week in honor of your childs birthday or any other reason please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to contact Rabbi Avremy. 


Publications in Russian

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Тора в пяти томах Chumash set with Commentaries $64.00 с комментариями
Тора в одном томе One volume Chumash  $22.00  
Книга пророков  Neviim $22.00  
Книга писаний  Ketuvim $22.00  
Сидур Siddur $18.00   
Махзор Maсhzor Rosh HaShana $16.00 Рош а-Шана
Махзор   Machzor Yom Kipur $18.00  Йом Кипур
Псалмы Tehillim $18.00   
Тания Tanya $24.00   
А-Йом-йом  Hayom-Yom $20.00  
Праведник  TheUltimateJew $22.00  

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