Bris Avrohom made Chanukah even more spectacular than previous years by reaching a milestone of placing almost 100 menorahs for 20 million viewers.

Menorahs were lit in 5 airports, at all Port Authority New York and New Jersey crossings, over a dozen City Halls, at Jersey Gardens Mall, Elizabeth, the largest indoor outlet mall in New Jersey as well as New Jersey Transit’s Newark’s Penn station. Other Chanukah festivities took place at carnivals for children who were given gifts and Chanukah Gelt.

Over 10,000 bilingual brochures were distributed, 3,000 donuts, hundreds of Chanukah kits which included menorahs, candles and dreidels.

Among the candlelighting ceremony highlights this year were:

Capitol Complex in Trenton
Newark’s Penn Station
LaGuardia Airport
Teterboro Airport
Bergen County Executive’s Office
Accompanied by Yeshivat Noam’s Choir
Kean University

The menorah at the Capitol Complex was lit on the eve of Chanukah with the participation of New Jersey Senators and the invocation was given by Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky, Bris Avrohom’s Executive Director. Rabbi Kanelsky delivered the message of Chanukah by urging the public officials to increase their deeds like the lights of Chanukah and becoming lamplighters in their communities. Following the invocation, Senate President Donald Sweeney, Senators Robert Gordon and Reymond Lesniak presented a Joint Legislative Resolution honoring Bris Avrohom for the placement of its 100 menorahs and proclaiming 113 days of education in honor of the Rebbe. This period began on the first day of Chanukah and continues through the 18th day of Nisan 5775.

At the airports the general managers praised Bris Avrohom for bringing the lights of Chanukah to travelers, for distributing Chanukah kits and donuts free of charge to travelers. General Managers of the bridges expressed their deepest gratitude to Bris Avrohom for being a beacon of light even on the darkest of days to the millions of travelers passing over the George Washington Bridge, through Lincoln Tunnel and the over the Staten Island crossings.

The placing of a menorah this year at Newark’s Penn Station was quite memorable for the 57,000 commuters who travel daily on this train station to witness the illumination of the festival.

This year’s Chanukah Candlelighting Ceremony was made even more exceptional by the presence of Yeshivat Noam of Paramus’ Choir, under the direction of its principal, Rabbi Chaim Hagler, who sang Chanukah songs after the Bergen County Executive presented Bris Avrohom with a proclamation.

Through the tireless efforts of Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky, Mrs. Shterney Kanelsky, Rabbi Baruch Lepkivker, Rabbi Dovid Wilansky, Rabbi Avremy Kanelsky and Rabbi Yudi Kanelsky, Bris Avrohom’s Hillside dedicated staff and Rabbi Berel Zaltzman and Rabbi Mendel Zaltzman, Bris Avrohom’s Fair Lawn dedicated staff months of planning for all these activities involved many meetings with public officials and general managers of the various airports and crossings to discuss the logistics and ensure that the holiday of Chanukah would culminate into a spectacular holiday for all..

For more information on upcoming events you can contact Bris Avrohom by viewing their website at or calling our office at 908 289-0770.