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Sarah Karmely’s expertise in the field of family purity,
relationships, love and marriage make her a vibrant
and enthusiastic speaker who has been lecturing
and counseling for over 20 years. Her lectures stress
traditional Jewish marriage and family ideals. Bringing
first-hand experience into her dynamic lectures and
sensitive, successful counseling, Mrs. Karmely is trilingual,
speaking a fluent English, Persian and Italian,
and has attracted packed houses all across the WORLD .
The daughter of Iranian parents, Sarah Karmely was born
in India, raised in London and lived in Italy. She now
resides with her family in New York. Highly educated and
extremely talented in many areas, Mrs. Karmely achieved
diplomas on Oxford level, studied art and had her works
exhibited in a North London museum.
Mrs. Karmely has been the director of Sha’arei Tovah
Ta lmud Torah for the last 15 years. She is co-editor of
Shalom Magazine, a bi-lingual outreach publication, and
has written Thoughts To Hear With Your Heart, and a
more advanced version, Words To Hear With Your Heart.
Sa rah has also created the inspirational and motivating
Jewish Learning Series releasing two new CD's: Shalom Bayis
(Domestic Tranquility) and Taharas Hamishpacha (Family