Women's Hours


With the influx of more young families to our community, I would like

to make the Mikvah access more convenient, private and confidential.


In general, feel free to call my private cell (908) 391-7874 I will try to meet your needs.


The following ladies will be on call for the following days.


Sunday  - Mrs. Yaffa Sabag (908) 265-0442


Monday - Mrs. Perach Gabai (908) 418-2567 


Tuesday - Mrs. Yaffa Sabag (908) 265-0442


Wednesday - Mrs. Sara Wilansky (908) 247-2407


Thursday - Mrs. Yaffa Sabag (908) 265-0442


Friday and Yom Tov evenings - Mrs. Shterney Kanelsky (908) 391-7874


Motzei Shabbos - Mrs. Chanie Hoffer (908) 884-3215


Please keep the cell phone numbers, listed above, for Mikvah use only.


The use of the Mikvah is by appointment only, reserved 24 to 36 hours in advance, during the hours of 6:00 -8:00 p.m standard time.

(Day light savings time hours to be Announced.)


In special circumstances, we will do our best to accommodate you at other times, please call the attendant of the day.




If you prefer a different attendant for your designated day, call or text the woman that you prefer to see if she is available.



For Any Halachic questions, please contact Rabbi Avremy Kanelsky on his private cell (908) 463-3264